Recent Innovations

This month, my vote for an amazing potential land mine clearance device goes to Massoud Hassani for his wind-powered “Mine Kafon.”  The Mine Kafon recently won a London Design Museum Award nomination.  Final winners will be announced in April 2012.  Hassani was born in Afghanistan, which currently has over ten million hidden, unexploded land mines.  Hassani has claimed this number could be as high as thirty million.

For more information about the Mine Kafon, visit Hassani’s blog site,  The House and Garden blog featured a nice photo of the device at

If you would like to listen to my recent podcast about the Mine Kafon, go to:   In this thirteen-minute podcast, I share my experiences as I sought information about the Mine Kafon.

Massoud Hassani’s innovative idea came from his memory about one of his childhood toys.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he receives a Design Museum Award.  Please think good thoughts for him, as well.

Warm wishes,

Laurel Anne Hill  (Author of “Heroes Arise”)



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